2021 Buffalo Bills Schedule Prediction

Giving it my best go, what is the worst that can happen? It comes true? First year under the 17 game format. Good for the fans but tough on the players. Let us see how I think the Bills will shake out for their weekly opponents.

Week 1 at Tampa Bay (TNF): Too much smoke around this match up to pass up, Brady vs Allen, Brady vs the new Leaders in the AFCE, BRADY VS ALLEN

Week 2 NY Jets (1pm): The lame duck AFCE Home Opener. Seems like the NFL loves stuffing the Bills/Jets early lately. Honestly hate the Jets, not as a rival or anything, they are just such a boring product. Their Coach is improved but the Bills retaining everyone on their Staff should make this match up a boring fundamentally sound beat down, no matter where on the schedule it falls.

Week 3 Atlanta (MNF): After a boring week the NFL will want to get back to showcasing their high powered offenses. The names are lined up for this game Fall in WNY is the best time to get this game in to showcase your stars, Allen, Ryan, Diggs, Julio, Beasley, Ridley, Davis, Pitts. Can't let the Snow get to this game.

Week 4 at Jacksonville (1pm): The NFL will probably send the Bills down to Jacksonville right towards the end of Hurricane Season just so they can see Allen sling it through those winds.

Week 5 at Tennessee (1pm) The Mecca for Bills away games this is the usual landing area for this game. If you're going enjoy the start of Fall with a nice ride down there!

Week 6 WFT (1pm): Am I being too much of homer with these 1pm games? The Return of Fitz. The hero that never was. This will be a fun game and this is also that new extra game they threw in. I be the schedulers will want that taken care of in the first half of the season so we see more of a regular schedule for the back half.

Week 7 BYE: Have a weird feeling this is where the Bye will fall. Don't think I hate it, a little early for my taste but why not heal up from the top half to make a run at the bottom half.

Week 8 at Kansas City (SNF): The NFL will want the Bills at their sharpest for this Matchup of the AFCCG Rematch coming off a bye seems like a perfect time.

Week 9 Carolina (1pm): Buffalonians get a chance to see CMC if he is healthy. Oh yeah and Sam Darnold is there. Panthers are starting to rebuild or retool? I don't know what they are they aren't good enough for more than a 1pm slot.

Week 10 at New England (415pm): This is how I know I'm not making a good schedule it is week 10 and they've only played 1 divisional game? No way.

Week 11 Miami (1pm): Not me being the NFL squeezing in Divisional games because this schedule is so juicy.

Week 12 at New Orleans (Thanksgiving) Saints and Bills draw even without Brees. Make it your Thanksgiving night game and enjoy. But a Thanksgiving game, AGAIN?!?!?

Week 13 Houston (1pm): The return of Tyrod? or Deshaun will be playing? Either way the Bills welcome Houston to December Football.

Week 14 at NY Jets (1pm): 2nd time around and a little far apart with the division the Bills start stacking the easy ones

Week 15 Pittsburgh (SNF): This matchup is getting old. The Steelers play the Bills the Bills pick the ball off the circle goes on. Ratings don't lie though SNF again.

Week 16 Indianapolis (1pm): This game losses some flair without the same QB from the Wild Card game last year but give me the Colts in December!

Week 17 New England (MNF): MNF crew wraps up the season with Bills hosting Bill. Same tune as last years game just hopefully with fans!

Week 18 at Miami (1pm): Nice warm climate fo the Bills to relax and maybe let the Fins into the wild card now that there is 7 teams. But I doubt they'll feel generous. Big Mitch game.

TLDR: The schedule is a guessing game I feel good about the teams they will be in Primetime against. This isn't for 100% accuracy but I do want to see how close I can get.

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