Bills Steelers Sunday Night Preview; A Must Win For Buffalo

Oh what the NFL can do to change the game time of a Sunday afternoon tilt, to a primetime Sunday matchup between the 9-4 Buffalo Bills and the surging Pittsburgh Steelers with an undrafted rookie quarterback from Samford. Oh the twitterverse is buzzing!

The Bills were manhandled last Sunday against the Ravens. While they were able to keep Lamar Jackson in check, the Ravens defense was running wild, sacking Josh Allen six times and making things difficult in the pass game. After losing four of their first five, Mike Tomlin has thrown his name in the ring for coach of the year, winning seven of their next eight, all with back up quarterbacks, including an undrafted rookie in Devlin “Duck” Hodges.

So what should we expect on Sunday? A shoot out? Probably not. A game dominated by the defenses? Now we’re talking. The Bills and Steelers have two of the best defenses in the league. The NFL world thought the Steelers were crazy when they traded their first round pick to the Miami Dolphins for Minkah Fitzpatrick. The safety has been a turnover machine ever since. Like the Bills front seven, the Steelers front seven isn’t to shabby either. Led by one of the best young linebacking cores in the league, it has been the Steelers defense that has been winning these games, and just asking whatever quarterback that is taking snaps just not to lose it. Those linebackers include T.J. Watt, Mark Barron, Vince Williams, Devin Bush, and Bud Dupree.

On the offensive side of the ball, this one will come down to whatever quarterback makes less mistakes. Hopefully Brian Daboll and Sean McDermott have been coming up with a game plan for this offensive line to protect Josh Allen. Give him time and he is alright. Let the pressure get to him and that’s when it gets ugly. Bills twitter has been calling for TJ Yeldon to get more snaps over the veteran Frank Gore, but I do not see that happening, especially this late in the season. With that being said, look for the Bills to feed the ball to Devin Singletary. The rookie out of FAU has only surpassed the one yard mark on the ground just once this season, and while I do not see him doing that this Sunday night, a game with a total of 100 yards via the ground and air could be critical for a W.

So who is going to be the game changer for the Bills Sunday night? While I wish I could say Josh Allen, I don’t think it will be. Please prove me wrong Josh, please prove all of us Bills doubters wrong. Could it be Singletary? That would definitely be nice. Will it be anyone from the offensive side of the ball? It’s not looking like it. I may be taking the easy way out, but the Bills defense will be the game changer. Hopefully the Bills studied the game film from last week and will follow the Ravens suit, and blitz, blitz, and then blitz again, causing havoc for Duck and the rest of this Steelers offense. We might even need for the Bills D to get us some points.

Sunday night is a must win for the Bills. I do not see the Bills winning in Foxboro, meaning if we lose Sunday night, all hopes ride on the shoulders of Josh Allen going up against Sam Darnold and the Jets. Can you imagine? Well let’s not let it get to that point.

It’s going to be a cold one Sunday night, with no snow on the radar until late. Hopefully the game is over by then, with the Bills leaving Pittsburgh with a 17-10 victory. The Bills earn their second playoff appearance under the helm of Sean McDermott. Get crazy folks!

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