Buffalo Bills 60th Anniversary Team Defense

This is the part two of this series. Part One was for the offense and this part will be the defense. This article honestly has been pushed back like 4 times. Dave and I kept going back and forth about which players deserved to be on this list. A ton were close, that's why last week we decided to make a just missed section of this list. Please enjoy, inform, and most importantly scrutinize this list. Let us know who you think should be on this list, because here at Madmen Sports your opinion matters. Friendly and casual conversation is what we aim for. Passion comes with it, we love the Bills and if you clicked this link and got this far you must too. ENJOY!


Defense :

Defensive Tackle: This was an easy debate there was only one name that we argued about back and forth but eventually we went with recency bias and picked Kyle.

Fred Smerlas, Boston College/ 12 Seasons/ 200 Games/ 1x 1st All-Pro/ 5x Pro Bowl/ 2 INTs.

Kyle Williams, LSU/ 13 Seasons/ 183 Games/ 6x Pro Bowl/ 611 Tackles/ 1 INT/ 48.5 Sacks.

Defensive End: This might have been the most cut and dry position on the defensive side of the ball. Wait for the 3rd part to see who just missed out.

Bruce Smith, V-Tech/ 15 Seasons/ 217 Games/ 1,054 Tackles/ 171 Sacks/ 8x All-Pro/ 11 Pro Bowl

Phil Hansen, North Dakota State/ 11 Seasons/ 156 Games/ 634 Tackles/ 1 Int/ 61.5 Sacks.

Aaron Schobel, TCU/ 9 Seasons/ 133 Games/ 2x Pro Bowl/ 483 Tackles/ 3 INTs/ 78 Sacks.

Linebackers: This is the most heavily debated position out of both parts so far. In the end we decided to go with just 3 and put the fringe debate ones on the part 3 list.

Cornelius Bennett, Alabama/ 9 Seasons/ 128 Games/ 793 Tackles/ 52.5 Sacks/ 6 INTs/ 19 Fumbles/ 1x All Pro/ 5x Pro Bowl

Darryl Talley, WVU/ 12 Seasons/ 188 Games/ 1,128 Tackles/ 38.5 Sacks/ 11 INTs/ 12 Fumbles/ 2x Pro Bowl

Mike Stratton, Tennesse/ 11 Seasons/ 142 Games/ 18 INTs/ 1 Touchdown/ 2 Fumbles

Safeties : Had to do 3 here tons of talent.

Tony Greene, Maryland/ 8 Seasons/ 128 Games/ 37 INTs/ 2 Touchdowns/ 2 Fumbles/ 1x All Pro/ 1x Pro Bowl

George Saimes, Mich. St./ 7 Seasons/ 91 Games/ 22 INTs/ 3 Fumbles/ 3x All Pro/ 5x Pro Bowl

Henry Jones, Illinois/ 10 Seasons/ 144 Games/ 18 INTs/ 4 Touchdowns/ 1 Fumble/ 5 Sacks/ 1x All Pro/ 1x Pro Bowl

Cornerbacks: Great group here, had to show love to show love to the players new and old here. Some eye popping stats.

Butch Byrd, Boston/ 8 Seasons/ 112 Games/ 40 INTs/ 5 Touchdowns/ 3x All Pro/ 5x Pro Bowl

Nate Odomes, Wisconsin/ 7 Seasons/ 115 Games/ 26 INT/ 1 Touchdown/ 2x Pro Bowl

Nate Clements, Ohio State/ 6 Seasons/ 96 Games/ 23 INTs/ 5 Touchdowns/ 1x Pro Bowl

Booker Edgerson, West Illinois/ 8 Seasons/ 106 Games/ 23 INTs/ 3 Touchdowns/ 1x Pro Bowl

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