The Bills Are America's Team 2.0




There is so much to talk about, so much good, some bad, and but much more good. The Bills went into Jerry World on Thanksgiving, on national TV, and shocked 90% of the country, walking out of their with a win. Yes, you read that right. The Buffalo Bills went into Dallas, and dominated the Cowboys. You would not be able to tell if you looked at the passing yards, receiving yards, total yards, and first downs. However the Bills possessed the ball for 33 minutes, which included a 13 play, 7 minute drive which resulted in a Stephen Hauschka field goal. The drive started at the Bills 6 yard line and included three 3rd down conversions.

Want more good for the Bills? How about Josh Allen? While I am not really a stats guy, and more of an eye test guy, this may have been his best overall game. Sure he did not throw for over 300 yards, which seems to be the number everyone throws out, including myself, but his throws were money! The throw that stood out the most for me from yesterday was a towards the end of the first quarter. It was 3rd and 10 from the Bills two yard line. Allen stood in the end zone receiving the hike, and the rest is history.

Look at JA avoid the pressure, step up and throw a dart to Cole Beasley to convert the first down. While this drive did not result in any points, this play helped the Bills get out of their end zone and flip the field. On the pursuing drive, the Cowboys were forced to punt, and then the Bills drove 85 yards for a touchdown to tie the game.

Some other plays that stand out have to be the fumbled snap on fourth and one that resulted in a Bills first down. The TD pass from John Brown to Devin Singletary, and the Allen touchdown run late in the third quarter. I think we can all agree that Allen is a better runner when the play breaks down, instead of on designed runs. I am sure there is a start out there that can prove that, and hopefully Zach can get us that information.

Yo! This Bills defense balled out. I have to be honest I was a little worried after the first Cowboys drive where they made it look so easy, but after that, the Bills front seven dominated. One of the key factors in this game was the Bills D stopping, or minimizing Zeke Elliott and the Cowboys rushing attack. Did you know, that the Cowboys did not hand the ball off the Zeke in the last 24 minutes of game time? I understand you are down, but you just can't abandon your best player. Just another reason why Jason Garrett should be fired immediately.

Shaq Lawson has earned his next contract right?

Shaq, Ed, and even Star played great, picking up sacks, strip sacks, and interceptions! Also, Tre'Davious White showed why he is one of the best corners in the game.

I do have to touch upon the bad, and if you watched the game, you all know where I am going with this. What are the Bills going to do with Hauschka? At this point in the season, you cannot cut him. What other kicker are you going to find? Joe Schmo off the street? Does McDermott get a little bit more aggressive on fourth downs in opponents territory? Maybe. Does that suck? Absolutely. All we can do is pray that a missed XP or FG is the reason we lose an important ball game. We already know what that feels like.

Hey America, if you want to jump on the Bills bandwagon, please join. Come watch what we have been witnessing this season, the improvements from our franchise QB, productive offensive weapons for the first time in a long time, and a young fast defense that is all over the field.

We are on to Baltimore!

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