The Buffalo Bills 60th Anniversary Team (Offense)

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

So, in honor of the Buffalo Bills 60th season coming up as well as the NFL’s celebration of 100 seasons, I thought what better time to make an All-Time Bills team. Here’s how the list came about for us. So, Dave (from the Madmen Sports Podcast) and I sat down opened a bottle of Black Button’s Four Grain Bourbon and decided to talk about who would make up the best Bills roster of All-Time. Some were easy picks like at QB, the Bills haven’t had a lot of success at the position in the last 60 years. Some positions were harder like Running Back, something the Bills have gone out of their way at specializing at for decades. We based this off of stats/achievements/games played, there may have been some players with amazing seasons but that doesn't mean they make the All-time Bills list. So, without further ado scroll below and check out the “Madmen Sports Buffalo Bills 60th Anniversary team”. Up first the offense!


Offensive side of the ball:


Jim Kelly, University Miami/ 11 Seasons/ 160 Games/ 35,467 Yards/ 237 Touchdowns.

Joe Ferguson, University Arkansas/ 12 Seasons/ 29,817 Yards/ 196 Touchdowns.

Running Back:

Thurman Thomas, Oklahoma State/12 Seasons/ 173 Games/ 16,279 Yards/ 87 Touchdowns.

OJ Simpson, USC/ 9 Seasons/ 112 Games/ 12,107 Yards/ 69 Touchdowns.

Fullback (Yeah, we even debated this):

Carwell Gardner, University of Kentucky/ 6 Seasons/ 83 Games/ 864 Yards/ 11 Touchdowns.

Tight End:

Pete Metzelaars, Wabash/ 10 Seasons/ 156 Games/ 2,921 Yards/ 25 Touchdowns.

Jay Riemersma, Michigan/ 6 Seasons/ 90 Games/ 2,304 Yards/ 20 Touchdowns.

Wide Receiver :

Andre Reed, Kutztown/ 15 Seasons/ 221 Games/ 941 Catches/ 13,095 Yards/ 86 Touchdowns.

Eric Moulds, Miss. State/ 10 Seasons/ 154 Games/ 675 Catches/ 9,096 Yards/ 48 Touchdowns.

Jerry Butler, Clemson/ 7 Seasons/ 88 Games/ 278 Catches/ 4,301 Yards/ 29 Touchdowns.

Lee Evans, Wisconsin/ 7 Seasons/ 109 Games/ 377 Catches/ 5,934 Yards/ 43 Touchdowns.

Offensive Line :

Kent Hull, Miss. State/ 11 Seasons/ 170 Games/ 2x 1st All-Pro/ 3x Pro Bowler.

Joe DeLamielleure, Michigan State/ 8 Seasons/ 112 Games/ 3x 1st All Pro/ 6x Pro Bowler.

Ruben Brown, Pitt/ 9 Seasons/ 150 Games/ 8x Pro Bowler.

Will Wolford, Vanderbilt/ 7 Seasons/ 102 Games/ 2x Pro Bowler/ Wore #69 NICE.

Billy Shaw, Georgia Tech/ 9 Seasons/ 119 Games/ 5x 1st All-Pro/ 8x Pro Bowler.


There were a lot of takeaways from this research. Like why the hell aren't some of these players on the Wall of Fame. Eric Moulds?!!? Ruben Brown! Give these guys some respect! Also, I look forward to the day where we can have someone on the team that can rival Jim Kelly or Pete Metzelaars. There are definitely some names left off, let me know in the comments who you think was left off the list. Your opinion matters let me know!

Stay tuned for the Defensive side of the ball which will be released July 7th.

*All stats were provided by Pro Football Reference check them out!

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