UFC 241 Predictions?

241 is the type of card I tell my friends who don't watch UFC to watch. DC vs Stipe, a wild Nate Diaz appearance vs Showtime Pettis and two juicy sluts in Yoel Romero and Paulo Costa. This card is straight fire emoji 100 emoji and whatever other emojis get you excited.

Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Miocic 2

In case you haven't watched the first fight then her you go.

In the first half of round one Stipe does a super good job of using his reach and landing some jabs and also winning in the clinch against the cage. Right around the halfway mark DC finds his range and starts popping Miocic with jabs of his own and an eye poke or two. After a break its all downhill for Stipe. DC unloads and in the clinch drops Stipe and finishes him off. During the fight they talk about how DC was knocking everyone out in training camp and it shows. It seemed like every shot he landed on Miocic rattled him to some degree. DC's boxing seemed better and it almost felt like Stipe was tired towards the end of the round. If clinching with Cormier is that exhausting then I expect Stipe to come out and just stand up most of the fight. He most likely wouldn't be able to win in a wrestling match so that is off the table. I'd love to see Stipe adopt some karate stance to be able to move in and out and use his significant reach advantage to attack Cormier. Whenever I see DC fight he looks so flinchy. You can tell he doesn't want to sit there and exchange punches with a heavyweight, not that anyone really would but you know what I mean. DC wants to get his hands on you and get an under hook and dirty box you. If DC really does hit that hard at heavyweight then I see almost no way Stipe wins this. DC at -145 seems like great value. Maybe I'm just basing too much on one fight though. Official prediction is DC by decision. Stipe will take things slower this time and feel out his range while DC chases him for a round or two before taking over in the late rounds.

Anthony Pettis vs Nate Diaz

Fuck. Yes. I love me a Diaz fight. Not unlike the majority of people who have watched a Diaz fight, I am fan of them. I have missed Nate in the octagon and I hope he fights 10 more times in the next 3 years. That said, he hasn't fought in almost 3 years and there has to be a certain degree of ring rust here. Not to mention the fact that Nate Diaz was a gatekeeper at 155 until he stepped in on short notice against Conor. Before that fight he was 2-3 in his last five and going nowhere fast. Pettis on the other hand has had 7 fights since then against the best fighters in two separate divisions including, Tony Ferguson, Stephen Thompson and Dustin Poirier. Both of these guys are great on the ground in the submission game but I don't see that coming into play unless one of them is hurt. To help things stay off the ground, neither of these guys likes the other one. They have had beef for like 10 years. Watch this.

WOO OMG I'm hyped already and it's only Monday. In my opinion Pettis will never be champ again but he is still in the top five to eight range in any division. I don't think Nate Diaz is. Diaz is too one dimensional in a sense, he boxes and throws out his one two combo and that is about it. Nate has never adapted to the leg kick era, let alone adapt to the calf kick era. If I'm Showtime, my game plan is to chew up his legs in the first and second round. You can't box or wrestle if you have no lead leg and I think that is an easy thing to accomplish against Nate. Pettis at -130 is the bet to make. If Nate returns to the octagon with no ring rust I can definitely see a world where he TKO's Pettis but at only even money I don't think I would take that bet. Pettis by decision. It's weird how I'm so hyped for this card yet I predict both the main and co-main to go the distance.

Yoel Romero vs Paulo Costa

I might have to go buy an 18er of Natty Ice for this one. These are two of the juiciest sluts to not pop for steroids of all time. Both of these guys look like they are carved out of fucking marble. Enough thinking about how ripped they are. I mean it's just crazy, they could both easily be light heavyweights and still be jacked. They look like Greek statues. Alright alright, to the fight. Ok so here is Costa's MMA past.

What do you notice? He hasn't even fought in a round 3 ever. Who's he fighting? Oh, that's right, an Olympic Silver medalist wrestler. If I could play coach again here, I think it's obvious what Yoel should do. Grab him and hold him until he gets tired. This dude has knocked out literally almost everyone he has fought, why in the world would you trade punches with him. Romero is proficient on his feet but getting Costa in the clinch, dragging him to the mat and keeping him there is an easy path to victory here especially at the ripe old age of 42. Yoel by TKO in round 2.

The rest of the card is actually pretty decent as well. Cory Sandhagen gets a true test against Raphael Assuncao. Sodiq Yusuff is always a fun watch and Derek Brunson tries to make his way back up after getting embarrassed by Israel Adesayna. This is a great card and is a must watch night. Follow me on twitter. I live tweet some things sometimes and I'm super funny.

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