Week 1 Fantasy Preview

It's finally here. Kickoff week is upon us. You have already drafted your fantasy line ups and now you're looking for the perfect line up. Perhaps you're a daily fantasy player and you're looking for those players who try and catch lightning in a bottle. Well, that's what I'm here for. I will go position by position to help build the perfect fantasy line up. And, since I'm an obvious die hard Bills fan, there will be a Bills twist onto this.


There are some pretty easy choices for who to pick here. Everybody's choice will be Pat Mahomes, and with good reason. He had a phenomenal season, but I think he will come back down to earth a bit this season. The guy who I think will have a break out game will be the guy facing the Chiefs, Nick Foles. Foles has looked solid this preseason with his new squad. He has developed great chemistry with Dede Westbrook, and when you pair that with an established run game, I sense Foles will have a great game. It also helps that he is playing against the 29th ranked pass defense from the year before.


In this day in age of the NFL, running back is a dual threat position. Not only do teams expect them to run the ball 15-20 times a game, but they are targeted on pass plays up to 8-10 times per game. If you're a part of PPR leagues, running back is becoming a more valuable position in fantasy terms. There are a pair of dual threat running backs that have lofty expectations, Saquon Barkley and Christian McCaffrey. Barkley exploded into the NFL last year, being the only bright spot in a putrid Giants offense. McCaffrey caught 100 passes last year, and I fully expect him to keep up that level of production.


PPR is a fantasy standard, and a lot of fantasy players put slot receivers higher than the number 1 guys. I don't understand this. Those number 1 receivers are getting the most targets, and they are household names for a reason. The key to find the right WR is who is looking at their supporting cast. Who is the running back? Who are the other receivers? Who is the QB? Once you balance out all of these the guys who are set to have an electric week 1 will be Deandre Hopkins, TY Hilton, Devante Parker.


Finding high output tight ends are few and far between. The guys who have been the most consistent over the years will be your best bet for week 1. The guy who has the most chemistry with his QB will be the guy to put up the numbers, and that's why Travis Kelce will be the guy week 1.


I'm the type of fantasy player that streams his defense from week to week. I don't hang onto the same defense for an entire year. For me, the best match-up going into Week 1 will be the Seahawks versus the Bengals. Seeing the front 7 of the Seahawks defense is scary after the addition of Jadeveon Clowney, and unfortunately, the Bengals will fear their wrath. The pass rush will be quick, and will force Andy Dalton to throw before he is comfortable. Those types of throws will turn into interceptions. Tyler Lockett is also one of the most dangerous return men, and he always has the threat of taking one to the house.


I always thought kickers didn't matter in fantasy, then I saw a kicker score 18 fantasy points against me. It's always good to pick a guy who is on a offense that is good enough to get the ball to the redzone, but not always good enough to score 6 points. Remember, PATs only count as 1. Sometimes, you have to root for a FG. Aldrick Rosas made the Pro Bowl last year for the Giants, and with their weak WR corps, Saquon can only take them so far. I feel he can make 3 or 4 FGs in week 1.

So here we go:

QB: Nick Foles

RB: Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey

WR: Deandre Hopkins, TY Hilton

TE: Travis Kelce

FLEX: Devante Parker

DEF: Seahawks

K: Aldrick Rosas

For the Bills, with the release of LeSean McCoy, I fully expect Devin Singletary to receive plenty of touches, especially pass targets. Going up against a Jets secondary that has little cohesion from the year before, I expect Josh to target Devin often as a check down. I'm also ready to see Cole Beasley get his 6 or 7 catches for 75 yards every week for 16 games. I feel like he is going to have not only a productive week 1, but a solid 2019 season. I feel like the chemistry of the Bills defense will shine through, and taking a flier on their Defense in fantasy will be a great choice, and you can carry them into weeks 2 and 3.

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