Week 1 Review/Week 2 Preview

Week 1 is in the books, and we have more question than answers about some players. Will Lamar Jackson throw for 5 TDs every week? Will Sammy Watkins catch 3 TDs and have 198 yards every week? The answer seems like no, but some arrows point to yes. Can Lamar have a Pat Mahomes type Sophomore season? With Tyreek Hill out with an injury, can Sammy Watkins take the reigns of the Chiefs WR corps? These are the questions that can be answered in the coming weeks. So now, how did my fantasy line up do? Well, there were some good, and there were some duds. Okay, I had mostly duds, but that's the fun of fantasy.

QB: Nick Foles - 7.0 points, 75 yards, 1 TD (34th ranked QB)

RB: Saquon Bakley - 17.9 points, 120 rushing yards, 4 catches for 19 yards (13th ranked RB)

Christian McCaffrey - 42.9 points, 128 rushing yards, 10 catches for 81 yards, 2 TD (1st ranked RB)

WR: Deandre Hopkins - 31.1 points, 8 catches for 111 yards, 2 TD (4th ranked WR)

TY Hilton - 28.7 points, 8 catches for 87 yards, 2 TD (6th ranked WR)

TE: Travis Kelce - 11.8 points, 3 catches for 88 yards (13th ranked TE)

FLEX: Devante Parker - 10.5 points, 3 catches for 75 yards (51st ranked WR)

DEF: Seahawks - 7 points, 3 fumble recoveries, 4 sack, 400-449 total yards allowed (12th ranked DEF)

K: Aldrick Rosas - 5 points, 2 PATs, 1 FG 30-39 yards (20th ranked K)

If it wasn't for the broken clavicle, I feel like Foles would've continued on his early success in the deep ball and would've made it a fun shootout in KC. Minshew came in and did a serviceable job, but no way would I start him in any fantasy league.

The Cowboys were able to contain Saquon through the air, but he averaged over 10 yards per carry. The Giants turned one dimensional after the Cowboys went up by two scores, which neutralized the run game. Christian McCaffrey had the game I knew he was capable of having, and I don't expect him to slow down on the short week against the Bucs.

Deandre and TY had their typical days on the field. They were the number 1 targets for their QBs, and came in clutch late in their games with TDs. Honestly, I thought Devonte was going to have a bigger impact in the Dolphins offense, but then I remember at halftime that they're the Dolphins.

I'm a little shocked that KC didn't throw more to Kelce to get the offense in rhythm, but who needs to get into a rhythm when you have Sammy Watkins running free for 60 yards after catching a 7 yards slant.

The Bengals offense shocked me. I wasn't ready for Andy Dalton to come out slinging and throwing bombs to John Ross. I'm not sure the Seahawks were ready for that either. It was a close game, and Seattle showed perfectly that their defense can be a bend, but not break type. Giving up that many yards, but only 20 points is quite impressive. I'm a little disappointed that the pass rush wasn't as prominent as I was expecting it to be, but maybe it's because the Bengals run game is better than I anticipated.

Finally, kickers are a crapshoot. I assumed the Giants had enough offensive power to get the ball within the 30 yard line at the least and kick long field goals. I guessed wrong, but that's the nature of the beast.

So, onto Week 2!! I'm jokingly telling everybody to start the entire Patriots team this week. If Baltimore can put up 59 points with a 2nd year QB, what can Josh McDaniels and Tom Brady do? I expect nothing short of 40 points, and I think Tom is going to challenge the secondary early and often with the debut of Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon coming off of a strong performance on Sunday night. Tom Brady would be my choice to start at QB.

For the running back situation, I like Alvin Kamara against a Rams squad that gave up 42 points to McCaffrey. Kamara and McCaffrey have similar skill sets, so I believe they can put up comparable numbers. For RB2, I like Nick Chubb. We don't know the severity of CJ Mosley's groin injury yet, but if he is hindered at all, the middle of the Jets defense will be soft. We saw it in the 4th quarter against Buffalo. Devin Singletary had 70 yards on only 4 carries after the Mosley went out.

Wide receivers. What to do. Ride the hot hands of Watkins and Hollwood Brown or try to find the diamond in the rough? For the second straight week, I'm going with Deandre Hopkins. The Jacksonville secondary gave up 198 yards to Sammy Watkins, and I think Deandre is a better receiver than Watkins. For WR2, I'm riding with Juju Smith-Schuster. His speed and big play ability will test the Seahawks secondary that gave up 141 yards to John Ross in Week 1.

For TE, I'm going with Darren Waller. Once again, I'm betting against the Chiefs secondary. They let Gardner Minshew throw for almost 250 yards in his first ever NFL regular season action. Waller had a great game against the Broncos, and I believe his momentum can carry on to Week 2.

For a FLEX option, I'm going with another Oakland Raider. Tyrell Williams will continue his strong start and be a great compliment to Waller. Again I say, the Chiefs were awful against the pass, and I expect Carr to exploit the holes in the secondary. Just as long as Carr stays healthy all game.

I'm rolling with the Patriots Defense this week. At this point in the season, anybody who plays the Dolphins is the most logical choice to start, until I see something different out of Miami.

For kicker, Jake Elliott is a solid choice. The Falcons had a hard time stopping the Vikings, and the Eagles had an impressive comeback against the Skins. I expect them to keep that momentum going in Atlanta. It helps that Elliott gets to kick in a dome this week, so weather is not an issue for him.

QB: Tom Brady

RB: Alvin Kamara, Nick Chubb

WR: Deandre Hopkins, Juju Smith-Schuster

TE: Darren Waller

FLEX: Tyrell Williams

DEF: Patriots

K: Jake Elliott

As for my Bills outlook, John Brown had a breakout Week 1 with Josh Allen and I think it continues into Week 2. Dak Prescott was tearing up the Giants secondary, and the speed of Brown will give the Giants secondary fits all day. Devin Singletary came on late last week with 98 yards on 9 touches, and I think that showing will give him a bigger part of the Bills game plan this week. Those two guys are great plays this week if you're looking for a homer pick of the week.

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