Where Does Zay Jones Fit in This Offense?

Here at Madmen Sports, we like to think we provide a "safe space" for Zay Jones fans. With a underwhelming and outright awful rookie season those fan numbers were being flushed right down the toilet. Luckily, Zay Jones not being satisfied took the off season last year to improve his game. Now, i'm certainly not saying by any means Zay was a breakout player nor even a number 1 wideout but I believe he made the strides to get his career back on track.

Last year, Jones begin to show that he belongs in this league. Putting up respectful numbers despite rotating through four different quarterbacks. Zay Jones led the team in receiving touchdowns with 7, beating out undrafted rookie Robert Foster who had 3. This says a lot about a guy when last year he only caught 27 passes his rookie year and many media members doubting he'd even make the roster. His second year in the league he showed that his "Butter finger" hands may be a thing of the past, hauling in 56 receptions once more leading the team. Jones showed improved route running and a sense of where he needed to be when Josh Allen rolled out looking to run (which happened quite frequently).

So, where does this leave our favorite underrated WR Zay Jones in a now crowded wide receiver room? from the looks of it, although stiff competition I believe he will fare just fine. Zay once more taking the off season seriously came back to the organization looking stronger, faster, and smarter than ever before. Furthermore here at Madmen Sports we weren't the only ones to recognize it, Zay won the Buffalo Bills off season "most improved overall body composition champion" award. He was quoted with saying

Via @Zay - Instagram

I have been focusing on how I can maximize my frame and my body to be the best I can this year. I think it’ll help in many aspects. My blocking, my play strength, endurance, stamina, prevention of injury. Nothing is guaranteed. Getting bigger and stronger doesn’t guarantee anything, but it can only help you and give you a greater opportunity to be successful.

So, do i think Zay Jones is Pro Bowl material? No... Not even close. But that being said, i believe given the opportunity Zay Jones can make the opening day roster and have have a chance to crack the starting line up coming week one.


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